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Rafting in Gerlos/Zillertal

Sport and Adventure in Gerlos

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Rafting on the Wildgerlosbach is a real highlight for every adventurer. As part of Kalle´s Active Program, of course. I have been a rafting guide since 1995.  My guests and I have conquered the Gerlosbach countless times over the years. A great experience for teens and adults.

Rafting in Gerlos is a breathtaking experience!

Experience exhilarating action amid beautiful countryside and the power of the whitewater. Tackling the waves of the Gerlosbach with your family or friends - and led by an experienced rafting guide - is something quite unique. 

A rafting tour lasts around 1.5 hours, with complete equipment supplied (Neoprene suit, splash and life jacket, helmet and shoes). There's also a training session as well. The bus will bring us all to where we put out.

Once our raft ride is over, we will warm up with a shot of schnapps - and there's even a certificate for you to show off back at home.

  • Rafting in Gerlos - the briefing
  • Putting out on the Wildgerlosbach
  • Final tips
  • Pure action - conquering the torrent and waves

Due to safety considerations:
Minimum Age: 10 
Max. Weight: 100 kg

You must be able to swim! Otherwise, you just need to come armed with high spirits, a little bit of courage, team spirit etc.  Please bring along your own bathing suit and a towel.

€ 30.00 per person with your Gerlos or Zell guest card
€ 33.00 per person without guest card

During the rafting tour, we'll take some impromptu action photos, which you are welcome to order after the ride!

Rafting for groups/businesses etc. possible by arrangement! We do take photos during the ride.  DVD with action photos can be ordered afterwards!