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Holidays in Gerlos
Holidays in Gerlos in the Zillertal in our apartments and apartments in Gerlos in the Zillertal

Spend your holidays in Gerlos in the Zillertal in our apartments.

Paragliding in Gerlos - Zillertal

On the Eagle's Path

Soaring like an eagle over a delightful landscape, an indescribable feeling. Paragliding or a tandem hang-gliding flight make it possible.  The Zillertal is one of the most beautiful areas to fly in the heart of the Alps, with panoramas that are simply magical.

Enjoy boundless freedom at 8,000 feet, an adventure for young and old.

Experienced Tandem Pilots

I have been flying myself since 1993 and have had my tandem-flight business in Gerlos, Kalle Airline, for 14 years now.

I work alongside experienced tandem pilots. Safety is always our top priority in everything we do. Paragliding is a sport that is very dependent on good weather conditions. That's why we always carefully check out the detailed weather forecast.  And that means, we can only give our passengers precise details about the when and where of the flight a maximum of 2 to 3 days in advance.  


As a passenger, you do not need any tandem experience. The ideal weight for a tandem paragliding flight is between 20 and 100 kilograms.

Regardless of whether you are young or old!
Children as young as 5 can fly with us!
My oldest "co pilot" was 70 years of age!

Trekking, sports or hiking shoes, comfortable clothing (long pants and a warm jacket), sunglasses.  In winter, we can also take off with skis.

Info about take-off and landing 
At the launch area, we will properly adjust the harness you'll be sitting in and issue you with a helmet that fits you well.  The pilot will explain take-off procedure, lay out the sail and go through another safety check.

When we are ready for take-off, you'll only have to run a few steps before the pilot instructs you to make yourself comfortable in the seat harness. You will sit in front of the pilot and have amazing views of the landscapes around you. You will feel as free as a bird.

You'll quickly see what a truly fantastic experience this is!
The pilot will give you plenty of time to prepare for the landing. It's effortless, soft and done with you still in the harness.

Prices and Gift Certificates

In summer and winter, I have access to a number of different launch sites in Gerlos, Königsleiten and Zell am Ziller. You can choose between standard flights (elev. ca. 750 m) and super-high flights (elev. 1150 m).

Standard Flight: from € 90.00
Standard Winter: from € 95.00

Additional information and registration (1-2 days in advance) are available both by e-mail and telephone. You can reach me direct by calling - Kalle Air Hotline +43 664 3426523 or dropping an e-mail to Info(at)

Gift Certificates
Would you like to surprise someone and give them an unforgettable experience?

Here's where you can order gift certificates by e-mail.

Simply send us an e-mail containing the type of flight you are interested in and the name of the person you want included on the gift certificate. We will then forward you the gift certificate either by regular post or e-mail.